Post stories about your own pen quest below!! Let me know if there’s a pen you like me to try out.

To start:

This blog is about my quest for the perfect pen.

I am ridiculusly picky about the grip, balance and ink flow of pens. And it wouldn’t hurt if they come in a good variety of colors. (It’s very helpful for note taking, design schematics drafts, etc.)

Over the years, I buy lots of different pens. Some good, some bad. Some are just plain awful. In this blog, I’ll review the pens, rate them by my personal taste and also describe them in full detail so you can judge for yourself.

[update on 2008-05-25]

I currently use Uni-ball Vision Elite as my main writing instrument on a desk. It has a great ink flow and comes in 8 colors. For writing on mass transit (subway in my case), I prefer to use Zebra Sarasa or Uni-ball 207 over VE. (They both come in a good variety of colors.) They are both retractable (instead of capped) so I don’t have to worry about losing the cap. Zebra Sarasa, in particular, has a great grip so I don’t have to worry about losing the entire pen.

My default pen right now is the Pilot G2 in Turquoise. Great grip, retractable, good ink flow, interesting ink color.