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swiss_jewel_aroma_green.jpg I find this idea about the pen with a vial for inhaling the oil disturbing. Isn’t it enough for us to tolerate the perfume from some members of the office who thinks that’s a good way to announce their presence from the other side of the floor? Now we have to deal with people in the cubicle next to yours sniffing pens. (Btw, these pens will get confiscated at the airport.)

Ignoring the scent-related qualities, the pen’s barrel colors combined with the marbling texture looks a bit cheesy. (Solid matte color would be so much better.) The green one shown here is probably the best looking one. Their magenta, red, hot pink looks disgusting. The grip seems non-existent. It is probably heavy. So it’s ready to slip out of your hand and into your cube neighbor’s eyes. The case is the only cool looking feature. But this is created out of necessity instead of design. Think, without the case, you will lose this pen very very quickly.

(Since I don’t actually own nor have access to this pen (and don’t want to spend 30lbs), I can’t give it any more than a purely speculative review. If someone want to lend me one for review, let me know 🙂 I promise to send it back after I’m done.)