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Quick Facts:
Pen Type Marker pen
Point Size(s) Extra Fine Razor — (estimated 0.3mm)
Water-resistant No
Ink Color 5 – Black, Blue, Red, Green, Purple?
Capped/Retractable Capped
Clip Yes
Approx Price $1 – 1.60 for 1 pen

Uni-ball Vision Elite has been my defacto pen for quite some time now. However, I recently have a new boss who magically turn my usually 5-task-per-day list into 30 (from what i still can’t tell is lack of planning or overwhelming number of “brilliant” new ideas from him). The first thing I did was change from college-rule paper to something finer. (Don’t ask me where/how i get something finer than college rule — i have my ways…) Then I noticed issues writing at that size with my Vision Elite.

So i thought to myself, what pen can produce (ridiculously) thin, precise and consistent lines? Why, it’s Pilot Razor Point! There are a number of reasons I don’t use it as my primary pen – its line lacks character (too consistent), gets scratchy after a while (the point “dies”), only 5 colors. But if there’s one thing it can do, and do very very well — it’s to provide (ridiculously) thin, precise and consistent lines 😀

Always wonder what the difference between this and Pilot Razor Point II is. As far as i can tell, the point/ink flow is same. Only the shape (and avail ink color) is different. The latter looks more cooperate-y. The “original”(?) looks kinda 70’s — which is part of the charm in my book anyway.

Rating: 15/20
Nib/Ink flow 4/5 (ink flow is very consistent, a bit scratchy toward later of pen life)
Design/Looks 4/5 (looks a bit 70’s?? which could be a charming, retro thing.. the black body is fine.. the other colors can look a bit tacky)
Grip/Balance/Weight 3/5 (grip is same material as rest of pen, balance and weight is fine w/o the cap)
Construction 4/5 (well made, not refillable though — i don’t think)
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Quick Facts:
Pen Type Rollerball pen
Point Size(s) 0.3mm (Staedtler Liquid Point 5 is 0.25mm)
Water-resistant No
Ink Color 4 – Black, Blue, Red, Green
Capped/Retractable Capped
Clip Yes
Approx Price $11 for 4 color pack

Staedtler Liquid Point 7 and Staedtler Liquid Point 5 are same (as far as I know) except for the point size. I own a 4 color set of Staedtler Liquid Point 7.

The pen has a gray body with a slight shimmer. The tips of the pen and the nib match the ink color. The clip has a nice arch that allows you to clip it to thicker fabric. The barrel has a more clear part that shows you how much ink is left. (It’s the black section in the photo where the name is.) Once you remove the cap, you see discs that make up the ink feed under the clear grip. I’m a sucker for clear plastic over seemingly useful (probably only decorative) technical details.

The grip of the pen is pretty crappy. It’s also a bit thinner than the usual pen. Lacking friction and surface area, this is NOT the pen you want to use if your palm sweats at all. And since the body is so narrow, you have little to hold on to when uncapping the pen. Now imagine taking a test and removing the cap from your pen just tired you out 😦

Just as with most capped pens, the balance of the pen is good for me without the cap. With the cap at the end, the end is heavier than the front. I need to apply more pressure to compensate when writing.

The ink flow is pretty inconsistent to me (despite what the company claims). Sometimes I get no ink flow. Sometimes I get too much. Also, I’ve rarely seen an ink that bleeds this badly on notebook paper. The lines I ended up with are often thicker than what I would get from a 0.5mm pen. Because of the ink blots, there’s no way you can take notes on both sides of a sheet of paper as the ink soaks through quite badly. (Because of the bleeding, I’m going to assume it’s a water-based ink and is not going to be water-resistant.)

Decent looks, bad grip, inconsistent ink flow, and bleeding ink make this a crappy pen. You can get much better pens at much cheaper prices.

Rating: 12/20
Nib/Ink flow 1/5 (inconsistent flow, bleed-y ink)
Grip/ Balance/Weight 2/5 (slippery grip, narrow barrel and grip)
Design/Looks 4/5 (professional looking, especially like the clip arch)
Construction 5/5 (well made, should stand up to time if I keep it around)
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