jon_stewart_pen.jpgI was just watching “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” and for the very first time, noticed the pen he was using. It’s a Bic round stic in black. I can’t believe I’ve never notice it before. Perhaps it’s because I just did a review on Bic round stic, or perhaps it’s because I never watched him on a 123-inch projection. I was so sure that it’s Bic round stic when it hit me. It could just be Staples ballpoint stick – they look so similar. But no, that tip(nib), the color that I could only describe as #ab915e is so distinctively Bic. I always find that color repulsive. Yet, that’s the one unique quality that I can depend on to claim that Jon Stewart is (99.99%) holding a Bic round stic.

stephen_cobert_pen.jpg Anyway, about Cobert’s pen. I can’t figure out what it is 😦

It’s got a light blue metallic barrel and light/white cushiony looking grip. It’s definitely retractable. At first, I thought it’s the “Pilot Dr. Grip Ltd Rectractable (someone need to fix the spelling in the PhotoShop file for their site, and for the Gel one too) Rolling Ball” pilot_drgripltd_name.gif – the color and material matches perfectly.


But… and it’s a big but, from some shots the shape of the grip looks wrong. The grip of Dr. Grip is curved in like this ) (. Yet Cobert’s pen looks curved out like this ( ). Could it be simply an optical illusion? I tried pausing, but then all I see are pixels. I do have a HD tv, but Comedy Central is not broadcast in HD 😦
Cobert – stop covering the pen with your hands!! So is it a Dr. Grip or not!? I don’t know… I can’t tell… ahhh.