rotring_tikkysc.jpg Rotring was known for their technical pencils. But they also made some great looking, sturdy, multi-function pens that I really like.

I was just looking around for the next interesting pen to review and realized I can’t find the website of Rotring. If you go to the current official site, all you see is the parent company Newell Rubbermaid’s name and logo 😦 The only place you can find the reminder of the former company in English is off their German site. According to wiki, Rotring stopped shipping their product to US in 2005. I started looking for rotring in the typical US office/art supply stores: staples, officemax, pearlpaint, etc. It’s true. Rotring no more …

Of course, you can still order them online from other country’s merchant sites. Hack, you can get it via amazon or ebay too. But before I spend that much money, I really need to hold the pen in my hand, test the weight, balance, and ink flow, which can only be done in person 😦

rotring_initial.jpg Take the Rotring Initial for example. The pen looks really cool, but I’m not sure whether the grip would work for me from just the photograph.

I guess that will be on the top of my shopping list if I ever leave the country.